Case: Optimization of a packaging concept

The US-based R&D-department of a pharmaceutical company designed a blister pack for a new product. Stability studies showed that it must be distributed as a cold-chain product.

During the transfer to the European production site the packaging concept was briefly evaluated and it was clear that there were options for improvement. By analyzing the actual product requirements in relation to the packaging process, to the distribution channel and of the user requirements from the patient population, serious options for improvement were identified.

The orientation and size of the blister pockets were adjusted, the seal pattern was optimized and the perforations between the unit doses were improved. This lead to a much smaller blister which is perfect to produce, provides optimal protection to assure the quality of the product, shows an excellent fit with the needs of the patient, but also lead to a substantial material cost reduction. As a result of the smaller blister form, a size reduction for secondary packaging materials such as folding cartons and shippers was established. The smaller volume of the retail pack resulted in a lower cost for warehousing and distribution. The total annual cost reduction is approx. € 400.000,-. The optimized blister also lead to a substantial improvement of the output of the blister line of 27%.

Can your packaging concept be optimized?