Development Process

The basis for any development process is to start with the basic requirements and the nice-to-haves. Sometimes they are very obvious and easy to determine, in other cases it may be very complex or specific requirements even seem conflicting. During this phase it is necessary to involve various disciplines and get focus on what is essential and what is not.

Once the set of requirements is determined, the basic concept can be shaped. This can be a simple search for the right material or the best form, but it can also result in a diverging process leading to multiple basic packaging concepts. Through multiple assessments and design loops, converging leads to a single concept that is put to trial in a pilot version.

This pilot concept is again assessed and if required, modifications can be introduced to optimize it. When the final pilot version has shown to be succesfull, the concept is transitioned to the full scale version. Once this is qualified, you are ready to launch.

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